NACLO 2013 at the University of Maine

The 2013 North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad!

WHEN: January 31, 2013

WHERE: Either at your high school or at The University of Maine. In both cases, you and a teacher must register. Your parent qualifies as a teacher in this case.

Please confirm your registration with Graham Morehead: gm [at] pangeon [dot] com

What is NACLO?

The North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad (NACLO) is a day-long contest for high school age participants. The contest contains challenging, puzzle-like problems that focus on aptitude for linguistic analysis and logical and computational thinking.

Please Read the Handbook found at

Goals of NACLO:

  • Increase the size and diversity of the pool of future scientists in our field.
  • Identify talented high school students and help them get the back-ground that they need for higher education in HLT and linguistic fields.
  • Get the scientific study of language into high school curricula

NACLO 2013:

Over the last two years close to 100 high schools and more than 30

universities in the United States and Canada hosted more than 1000

students annually in this competition.

The top students will be eligible to represent their country at the Eighth International Linguistics Olympiad.


Registration is free and must be completed before noon on January 30, 2013. Please register with: or 207-581-3941

For more information, contact

Graham Morehead, gm [at] pangeon [dot] com

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